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Spanish Week 2018

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The Spanish week this year took place between 9 of May and 11 of May of 2018. It featured Mexican wrestling and Mexican dance and art and craft workshops.

1.  Mexican Wrestling (Lucha libre).

A bit of History

Apparently, the French brought wrestling to Mexico. It was an amateur sport. The people who practiced it did not want to be recognized and covered their faces with masks. These people were ordinary people like teachers, bankers and others and wanted to protect their identity. That is why now Mexican wrestlers wear maks.

Here some videos of Wrestling during the Spanish Week 2018






2.  Dance Workshops: El baile del sombrero

This year we practice a Mexican dance called: “Mexican Hat Dance.

This dance is called “Jarabe Tapatio” in Mexico.

If you would like to read about the Mexican hat dance click on: Mexican Hat Dance.

3.  Art and Crafts.

At Berwick this year each grade level did a different activity. With the work of the entire school we built a Mexican Altar.

This is a Mexican Altar. The Mexican honour their loved ones who are no longer with us by bringing flowers, food, the pictures of their loves ones and other things to their graves and they celebrate their lives. So it is a happy celebration.

Food Workshop

The preps created “preted” Mexican dishes of beans and rice for the Mexican Altar.

Ponchos Workshop

Grade 1 made very colourful pochos for the Mexican Altar.


Mexican Hats (Sombreros) Workshop

Grade 2 worked on Mexican hats.

Papel Picado Workshop

Grade 3 proudly worked on papel picado.


 Flower Workshops


Grade 4 worked on making flowers. They also decorated the skulls, hats and candle drawn on poster boards.



Piñata Workshops


Grade 5 worked on piñatas. Many of them did not have enough time to finish. They will be finish during education week.


Calacas Workshops


Grade 6 and one Grade 5 worked on making calacas for the Mexican Altar.



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