Spanish Week

Spanish Week 2020

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The Spanish week this year takes place between 16 and 17 of March. It is dedicated to the Andean countries of South America. It features several activities:

1.  Sport: Posta Game.

To know more:

2.  Dance Workshops: Carnavalito y Cuzqueño

Students are divided in two groups to practice one of these dances.

To know more click on dance:


3.  Art and Crafts.

We will be making ponpons:



4.  Music Workshop.

There will be a music workshop (Andean music) and a small music recital with traditional music from the Andean Region of South America.


5.  Masterchef. Food demonstration. 

We will not be eating but the presenter will show how to make some traditional food and will offer the traditional”chicha morada” beverage.



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