Spanish Week

Spanish Week 2017

The Spanish week this year will take place between the 2 and 5 of May. The focus of this year is Catalan traditions. Catalunia (or Cataluña in Spanish) is in Northeastern Spain. There will be 3 activities: Human Towers, Food Workshops and Dance Workshops.

1.  Human Towers or Castells (in Catalan, castillos or torres in Spanish). These human towers traditionally take place as part of festivals in Catalonia. It is an old tradition of building human towers or castles. The biggest human tower ever was 1o people high and was built in 2015 in Tarrasa (Cataluña, España). You can see a video of how this human tower was built below:


  • Fore more info about the Human Towers, you can watch this 10 min long documentary on 7:

Spain’s Incredible Human Towers

2.  Dance Workshops. In Catalonia there are several traditional dances. Two of them are La Sardana  and L’hereu Riera.

La sardana is danced in a circle holding hands and it is probably the most well known popular dance in Catalonia.

L’hereu Riera is a Catalan dance characterised by steps danced around a cross formed by two sticks on the ground with a cup of water between them. The dancer must dance over and around the cross wthout touching it. You can see how it is danced below:

3.  Food Workshops: Pan Tumaca.

It is a traditional Catalan food. Now it is eaten all over Spain. It is a slice of bread with ripe tomato spread on it and sprinkled with olive oil and salt. Here you can see a video of how to make it (the bread does not need to be toasted).

DAY 1 – Tuesday, 2nd of May, 2017

Human Towers Videos





Dance and Food Pictures


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